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Extreme Activities

Always in the context of the nature of this Island, around the deep sea, the green of the pastures and the black of the basaltic stone, we have the best radical activities for you ...

Life is a daring adventure! Dare yourself!


The Pico Island, in the archipelago of the Azores is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Admire the ocean, the calm of nature, and feel the adrenaline of swimming with a blue shark.

This experience begins at the Port of Lajes do Pico.



Come spend a different day aboard our kayaks and visit the coast of the island with a visit to fantastic caves.

On the varied routes we can enjoy the wine culture landscape and the fantastic formations of black basalt rock, observe the basalt arches and the traditional wineries, enjoy the fantastic slopes of the island and maybe find dolphins!




Between van tours ou jeep tours on the Pico Island, let yourself be taken and discover the secrets of this Island, find the caves, lagoons and streams that make Pico what it is.

bicicleta de montanha


Rota das Lagoas, Rota das Vinhas & Ponta da Ilha - These are the three routes to do in Pico - visit the vineyards classified as World Heritage of UNESCO, the windmill, the Lagoas do Capitão, Caiado, Lagoa Seca, Peixinho, and Paul , the Caveiro Natural Reserve and also, range along the Pico coast line.

The activity includes: Includes: TT bike, helmet, emergency repair kit, transfers, activity insurance, personal accident insurance and a guide .

Mãos pulverização Montanhista de rocha


For those who like to be in contact with the rock, the island offers several walls prepared for the practice of the modality, from the top of which you can see the island in a different way.

The activity includes: helmet, harness, express, eight, grigri, carabiners, away, ropes, magnesium, transfers, activity insurance, personal accident insurance, monitor accompaniment and lunch all day long.

Chegar ao topo


In a descent by an old waterfall, we can observe from the top, in a vertical perspective, the whole Bay of Canas and its black sand beach bathed by the calm waters of the Pico - São Jorge channel.

The activity includes: helmet, harness, eight, carabiners, away, ropes, transfers, activity insurance, personal accident insurance and monitor accompaniment.



If you want fun and adrenaline on land and sea, if you like to walk along the coast, swimming, jumping into the water and reppelling, then this is an adventure you will not want to miss.

In this activity we will be able to walk along the volcanic rock coastline of Pico Island, surrounded by a fantastic landscape between the blue of the sea and the green of the Island.

The activity includes: Isothermal suit, helmet, vest, harness, eight, carabiners, away, transfers, activity insurance, personal accident insurance and monitor accompaniment.

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